Project Management

Mobile traffic is projected to  grow up to 10 times by 2019. Considering that existing mobile networks are already filled to 80 percent capacity, this presents a problem.  Additionally, even though fiber optic network is the way of the future, it is estimated that only about 25% of Americans have access to fiber broadband.  With the advent of Small Cells, ODAS and IDAS systems and the need for Long Haul, Mid-Mile and “Fiber to the premise”, Goff Communications’ broad Design and Management experience in the Wireless and Wireline Markets gives us a unique skill set to help our clients succeed.

Whether we are designing and building telecommunications sites or managing the construction of an 800 mile Fiber Network, our professional staff has the experience and knowledge to successfully complete each project.

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The real benefit of using Goff is that we pride ourselves at being the best at what we do.  Our value added engineering services have saved our clients millions.  We do this by combining proven processes, which starts with very open and very in depth dialog of what is really driving the project.  Rather than working point A to B we try to understand the whole project, and find ways to avoid costly delays.  Our partnerships with major carriers and others sometimes allow us to introduce to our client in a very discreet way like-minded partners sharing cost on capital expenditures creating more revenue for all.