Our Company

Goff Communications, Inc. started doing business in the wireless industry in 1958, and our company has been forged over the last half century by the greatest advances known to mankind. When we first started, it was installing two way radio systems for small private firms.  We now design, engineer and install the world’s most advanced communication systems for some of the greatest companies on this planet.

Our philosophy is this…Good is the enemy of great (Voltaire), and the relentless pursuit of being great has allowed us to achieve some outstanding accomplishments.  This being said, Goff has instilled the corporate culture that we have not deemed ourselves a success, as this will stop innovation and growth.  We let our customers decide our level of success by the value they find in us.  And for our customers are ever grateful, but never satisfied.  We will always try to do more, to be more, and to give more…for you.